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Building an impressive physique is possible while adhering to a vegan diet and lifestyle, but careful planning is necessary to maximize testosterone and insulin production and to maximize recovery.

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
Gain Lean Vegan Muscle

Gaining healthy muscle/weight as a vegan is challenging for many. Im going to show you how I add clean muscle and weight to myself and clients while on a vegan diet!

Manipulating Your Metabolism.

I will teach you how to manipulate your metabolism so that you can say bye-bye to that stubborn belly fat.


Using my flexible and sustainable methods, I here to show the world the positive impact from living a fully Plant Based lifestyle!

Fitness Food Specialists, Reccommended

We share the secret to unlock rapid muscle gain and strength – nutrition is important to all, especially vegan athletes. This is possible while adhering to a vegan diet and lifestyle, but careful planning is necessary.

Something really magic happens when you become excited, not exhausted, by your individual nutrition experiment. When you’re energized by being your own n=1. You start to feel like you’re the captain of your own ship, and that can start to build a hell of a lot of confidence.

Be prepared to feel great, have energy you never had before and make the best gains of your life!

What Are the Best Protein Sources for Vegetarians?

When you go on a vegetarian diet, it’s hard to find many foods that are pure protein. That’s because many vegetarian protein sources have a lot of crossover – i.e. a grain like quinoa will be high in protein but also high in carbs, or nuts will have protein but also a lot of fat.

That’s especially true as you move toward a strict vegan diet. Picture all plant-based diet on a spectrum, with flexitarians or pescatarians (people who’ll eat fish, eggs and dairy) on the left and strict vegans on the right. The closer you go to veganism, the more difficult things will be.


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